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When people think about working in a field that they are greatly passionate about, the chances are that they have not given thought to the types of negative things that can arise. There is always an up to a down and a yin to a yang and so people need to be aware of the things that can occur when they are climbing their way to the top of their respective field. For example, when people want to become famous, the chances are that all they will think about is the glitz and the glam.

But there is a reason why so many famous people end up turning to drugs and alcohol and this is because becoming famous isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. This is why it is so important for people to focus on what they enjoy rather than the other benefits e.g. acting. So for people out there who are needing to find out more about the types of things that can occur when they are rising to the top, here is how the best PR agencies in Sydney are able to show you how the media is trained to manipulate.


PR agencies in Sydney are able to show you how the media will take one sentence and turn it into a headline

What many people may not realise is the fact that the media will do everything that they can in order to get someone to click on their article. While this may seem frustrating and dishonest to some, this is sometimes what businesses feel that they have to do in order to stand out from the rest. This type of journalism doesn’t really benefit anyone but until laws are changed, companies are allowed to draw in their readers with click-bait headlines.

For instance, someone could have an interview with another person thinking that the interview is going to be about one thing e.g. the new show that they are promoting, but it would turn out that they had an alternative motive and they end up bringing out an article talking about weight loss. If the person happened to mention something about weight in their interview, this can then be taken out of context and used as a headline to get people to read their article. As this can occur all too often, it is important that people work with PR agencies in Sydney so that they are able to understand how the media is trained to manipulate.


PR agencies in Sydney are able to help show you how people are trained to ask provoking questions to try to get a rise out of you

It can be extremely frustrating when someone is trying to promote a new movie or product and all the other person wants to talk about is their personal life. This is annoying because back in the day, the people who signed up to interview artists and entrepreneurs were also passionate about these fields and had a great amount of respect for people. As previously mentioned, this is rarely the case these days and it is more important to get a video or article to be trending.

And a great way to get a video to become trending is to ask provocative questions that will throw someone off their game. If someone becomes angry or lashes out, this is a form of gold to the person hosting the interview. This again is why it is so important to work with PR agencies in Sydney.