It is understandable for young graduates to enter accounting internships in the hope that they survive the weeks and come out the other side with their sanity and integrity in tact.

These corporate spaces come with their own unique level of pressure, but when viewing the exercise from a distance, they provide an opportunity to find a niche and actually express personal skills and attributes for the benefit of an organisation.

The business will be on the hunt for fresh talent and new perspectives, so this is where both parties can benefit from the program.


Gaining Real Life Accounting Experience

There is no substitute for being active in the field through official accounting internships. Amid all of the theory and education that can be learned in these valued institutions through schools and universities, it is being placed in a real world functioning business where core skills are developed. Put simply, the theory that is studied in the textbook and through the lecturers is put into practice under real pressures. From seeing tax returns filed to finance reports being presented or data being analysed on digital and hard copy formats, this is invaluable experience to gain beyond the classroom.


Problem Solving Skills

Although participants who are offered accounting internships won’t be put in charge of multi-million dollar accounts, there are problems that will be presented to them. Can they file a report on time? Will it include the right type of information? Can they communicate an issue between department members? Can they take onboard written financial data and interpret it for a digital integration? This is where being thrown into the deep end is a great opportunity to learn, take lessons and accept mistakes for what they are.


Appreciating The Challenges and Opportunities of Accounting

There will be participants who are placed into accounting internships who are optimistic and positive about the profession and others who are more cynical and cautious about the job prospects. Whatever approach is taken, these environments will either affirm or challenge those predispositions directly. It will place those opinions in context because these participants will be working side-to-side with peers who are expected to hit targets and ensure the operation is running smoothly. That is an experience that can only be appreciated when there is a degree of empathy, living the moments in real time alongside their colleagues.


Networking With Qualified Professionals

Arguably the greatest takeaway that candidates of accounting internships enjoy is the networking element. Jobs come and go but the personal connections can be everlasting and be the best means of acquiring a full-time role. By understanding their career development pathway and speaking to industry experts who know what it takes to gain a quality position within a firm, candidates can accelerate their development in accounting.


Knowing Whether or Not Accounting is For Them

By proving and disproving some key predispositions about the practice, accounting internships offer individuals the chance to make a decision about whether or not this career path is right for them. It might be considered an attractive proposition due to job security or because the participant is good with numbers, but if they walk away from the experience less enthused about the prospect than before, that might tell them something about their future journey and what they really want out of a career. Others will be affirmed by their time in the industry, empowered by the opportunity and hoping to secure a role with the brand in the near future. This will be a subjective choice made on gut instinct, one that cannot be manufactured or compromised on.